scout niblett



is anybody there?




James Weiner 16 August 07

Yes! I was just listening to Lullaby for Scout and wanted to see if you’re still around…

Matthias 16 August 07

more than yes.

Ania 27 August 07

I’m here too! Hi Scout, Please, please, please come & play for us in Dublin, Ireland soon!

Dill 28 September 07

Yeah, I’m here

Tim 4 October 07

yeah, i´m also out there listening to your music! come to lisbon please!

Mister L 1 November 07

are any of us really anywhere?

mothrock 11 November 07

come back to kansas city please, please, please….i saw u last month and it was like somebody opened up a great big box of ghosts who all wanted to massage me …..come back please

cody 12 November 07

I’m so happy for having you in Berlin in some weeks.

Didn’t saw you scince the Coco Rosie concert at the Volksbuehne Berlin in late 2005.

Niels 14 November 07

i just found out you, i like what you do, but im from argentina and i cant find your album in anywhere… :( can i download something of that???

pau 21 November 07

the internet ate my post
i think

just wanted to say, no, shout, resoundingly: YES!!!

You are one of the most breathtakingly astonishing, original, gorgeous artists I know

I just spent 5 hours listening to “kidnapped by neptune” which is an amazing record.

have never seen you live
but am planning to remedy that by going to your concert in cologne.

shigekuni 21 November 07

ha. forgot.

you are an inspiration
to me and to other poets I know

had trouble finishing last night’s poem but after giving your records a few spins
it turned out just fine

thank you for your music
lyrics, everything.

shigekuni 21 November 07

Hi there from zurich, you ran from stage after about 30 Minutes, we were all disappointed. Why punish the ones who came to see you and hear you because of one drunken idiot. And, not to forget: You get money for it. Rock on, but please: DO rock.

andreas 30 November 07

am from chile,latin america….
and am so happy to be here
scout i love u .

ornitorrinco 9 December 07

I’m here. A 50 year old male, 4th grade teacher in Poulsbo, Washington that just heard you for the first time on Rhapsody. I immediately bought your record on emusic. Plus I love your dresses and the nifty bike you ride about town.

Robert Reynolds 9 February 08


LAURA 27 February 08

Yes, and I’m listening to you right now. Come play in LA, CA and let teenagers come! I’m 16 and I couldn’t go to one of your shows in SF because I wasn’t old enough.

Justin 18 March 08

you are making good music. sad not to make the seattle show.

phil 5 April 08

merci pour bruxelles
tu étais super.

charlotte 13 May 08

today, 23 almost 24 of May i heard from the first time scout niblett… don’t know why but i heard frequently male voices… in this case, wowww

margarida 23 May 08

be a inspiration,,
thanks for be..
regards from Colombia
hope to see your show some day,,keep on keep on keep on!!

lelibel 11 June 08

I saw Scout for the first time at the old fruitmarket in glasgow last night – performing with daniel johnston. Fantastic. Can anyone tell me the name of the first song she played which was amazing and also which album its on. Thanks.

sheila mcmahon 24 July 08

I think it was Kiss. I have the album.I can let you hear it if you live near dundee?

kevin 1 September 08

Happy birthday,scout!

RoFu 29 September 08

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